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                                Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. produces 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment annually.

                                Author:郴州智造科技有限公司Chenzhou Smart Manufacturing Technology Click:114 Time:2018-12-24 11:42:05

                                Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. produces 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment annually.

                                Public Notice of Self-acceptance of Environmental Protection for Completion of Construction Projects

                                On November 6, 2018, Chenzhou Zhizhuang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. organized the on-site inspection meeting for environmental protection acceptance of the annual production of 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment by Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. The acceptance team was composed of Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. (construction unit) and Chenzhou Lifang Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (compilation unit of acceptance monitoring report) and invited two specialists. Home (list attached) composition. The acceptance team inspected the construction and operation of the environmental protection facilities of the project on the spot, listened to the report of the implementation of environmental protection of the construction unit and the report of the preparation unit of the acceptance investigation report on the environmental protection acceptance investigation report of the completion of the project, and reviewed and verified the relevant information. After careful discussion, on-site inspection opinions were formed. The problems found in the on-site inspection were rectified in time. According to the requirements of "Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects" and "Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Completed Construction Projects", the acceptance opinions of this project are publicized as follows:

                                I. Basic Situation of the Project

                                Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. produces 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment annually. It is located in the Omeishan Industrial Park of Chenzhou Economic Development Zone. It belongs to the industrial concentration zone. The project is a technology transformation project with a total investment of 40 million yuan, of which 645,000 yuan is invested in environmental protection. In 2017, Chenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. commissioned Hunan Runmei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to compile the Environmental Impact Report on 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment produced annually by Chenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. The project was approved by Chenzhou Environmental Protection Bureau and Hunan Chenzhou Economic Development and Management Committee on August 17, 2017 (Chenzhou Open-loop Evaluation Letter No. 1).

                                Now the main project and environmental protection facilities have been completed and can operate normally. According to the on-site investigation, no environmental disputes occurred during the construction process.

                                II. Project Change

                                Through field survey and comparison with "Environmental Impact Report on 200 CNC Machinery Equipment Projects Produced Annually by Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd" and its approval opinions, no major changes have been made in the main project.

                                Implementation of Environmental Protection

                                Chenzhou Zhizhuang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the environmental impact examination and approval procedures for the construction of 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment annually. The relevant documents and materials are complete. According to the requirements of environmental impact assessment and environmental protection authorities, the construction of environmental protection facilities was carried out according to the requirements of environmental impact assessment. The environmental protection facilities were designed, constructed and put into use at the same time as the main project.

                                A comprehensive and detailed environmental protection measure is put forward in the EIA document of the project. The environmental protection requirements put forward in the EIA and the approval have been basically implemented in the actual construction and trial operation stages of the project.

                                During the self-acceptance period, the experts put forward the suggestions to improve the liquid leakage collection device, and the construction units have been perfected and put in place.

                                IV. Acceptance Monitoring Results

                                During the period of acceptance monitoring, the monitoring results of wastewater met the requirements of the third-level standard in Table 4 of the Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996). The emission of particulate matter, toluene and xylene from the organized waste gas met the requirements of the second-level standard limit in Table 2 of the Comprehensive Air Pollutants Discharge Standard (GB 16297-1996), and the VOCS emission met the control standard of volatile organic compounds in industrial enterprises. Standard requirements for painting and spraying process in surface painting industry in Table 2 of Standard (DB12/524-2014); emissions of particulate matter, toluene and xylene in unorganized exhaust gas meet the limits for monitoring concentration of atmospheric pollutant emissions from new sources of pollution (GB 16297-1996); VOCS emissions meet the limits for monitoring concentration of atmospheric pollutant emissions from industrial enterprises. Standard requirements for "other industries" in Table 5 of Emission Control Standards (DB12/524-2014).

                                V. General conclusion of acceptance

                                Combined with the conclusion of the project acceptance monitoring report and the on-site inspection, the project implemented the environmental impact assessment and the "three simultaneous" management system, basically implemented the prescribed pollution control measures, and the effluent pollutants met the discharge standards. According to the above investigation and discussion conclusion, the acceptance team agreed that the environmental protection acceptance of the project's waste water and waste gas pollution prevention and control facilities was passed.

                                Statement of Environmental Protection Acceptance Personnel Participating in Completion

                                Publicity period: Dec. 03, 2018 - Jan. 02, 2019.

                                Chenzhou Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd.

                                Contact number: Director Lu 18173538678

                                Annex: Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd. annual production of 200 CNC machinery and equipment (sets) construction project acceptance monitoring report

                                Report on Acceptance and Monitoring of Construction Projects

                                Suggestions on Acceptance and Acceptance of Completed Environmental Protection - Construction of 200 CNC Machinery and Equipment Produced Annually by Chenzhou Zhizhuang Technology Co., Ltd.

                                Opinions on Acceptance and Acceptance of Completed Environmental Protection

                                Chenzhou Smart Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd.

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